catching the twilight

It's a time. Trapped in my sentimental side. Simply withstanding me in an absurd feeling dimension. Like pause between breath, space between words, interlude between songs.
It's time when my soul seems like has its own journey. Down a long windy road, infinitely.
Escaping without borders.
I'm like a clock losing its battery. My world stop turning.
I want to run after the sun. I want to fly beyond the blue sky. Find the end of the rainbow. Dance with the wind. Sing along the stars. I am sparkling like my dreams

I'm standing in the middle of nowhere. Dragged by the wave of a magic spell. Such flipping hourglass. My mind burst into millions of fireworks. Then my life would be like random pieces of a puzzle, i tried to set it up into a perfect frame. Crystallized into what my heart wish for. A fairy tale I long for to be true.

Feel my heart beating. Feel my breath roaring. Feel my mind yelling.

I'm the twilight catcher...

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