Midsummer Madness

When most of the time spent in a rush
many of us forget
that life is not just about a pursuit

Realizing, we left so many things behind but at the same moment we knew, too much ambition in front have to reach. There would be times when we might feel very tired, sick, bored and we started doing a lot of mistakes.
We stumbled, all that we touched tumbled down. Every single breath growing heavy, every step was unsteady.  All things seemed to be messed up and we were about to be frustrated. Our mind can hardly continue its job and our heart said that it's damn enough.
Life became a stack of paradox, mind became a stage of chaos. Then we seriously need a place to escape. To find the lost rhythm, rearrange scattered ideas.

Sometime somehow, we have a difficulty to heal this kind of life disorder. But, in my way, how to escape that madness is by doing madness. A bit of silliness, ridiculous things, great laughter, good relaxing time. Have a good meal, sharing gossip, sing as much until becoming hoarse, a little cursing and swearing, shout out loud the name who makes us annoyed, dress up and go shopping.

When the sun had seemed so bright, and the morning air no longer oppressive, then we have found our fine day back.

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